Our team

Trading is like one Hot seat for a trader and for an investor too. You need to be on your toes every time until the trading time has closed. But, in forex trading, its 24*5, which is even more tiring and more vulnerable.
But, no more worries, when you are with us. We are one of the trustworthy brokers in town, who offers you wide variety of services at reasonable charges.
You can be safe here as our security features are very high. We started the business, just as 2 friends, casually trying a hand at the lady luck. When our strategy worked, we continued over it, to try again, and again it worked. Since then we slightly modified the strategies over aperiod of time, what we met was asuccess, and there it started as a firm, who is been into helping other people find money with trading.
We know that you hear a lot about brokerage companies, both good and bad. But, our strategy and the work we have exhibited so far will make you understand that we are serious about our reputation and we work to have it instilled in everyone’s mind.
We follow principles to maintain the reputation:

  • Our people are encouraged to think, we think as much as we can, to achieve our goals
  • Our clients and customers, along with employees are to be taken care.
  • Our working structureis a partnership model, where employees and the management team are partners in both success and failures, sharing ideas and strategies.
  • Our main focus is on long-term growth
  • Our aim is to treat everyone with modesty- all our clients, our employees, our customers and all our suppliers
  • For us, our reputation is very important than any reward
  • Risk is respected at everylevel and exercised cautiously
  • The land rules are not be disobeyed under any circumstances and we are adhering to this till date